Short videos for customers to learn how to achieve specific tasks



Creating an account in CollateBox
In this video, we show you how to create a new account in CollateBox to collect and share growing data among team members.
Importing data into your CollateBox account
See the different methods of importing data to your CollateBox account.

Using CollateBox

Adding more data to an existing datalist in CollateBox
Learn how to add more data to an already existing list. Common mistakes while importing are highlighted so as to enable CollateBox to understand your data better.
Adding a new column to an existing datalist in CollateBox
See how to add a new column to your existing data list in CollateBox. Explore the different data types for columns that you can add.
Attaching a file to a row of a datalist in CollateBox
See how to attach a file to a single line of record, enhancing he information that you can store in your data list.
Managing columns of a datalist in CollateBox
See how to manage your columns in an existing list and how changing column types changes your data.

Additional Features

Viewing a datalist in a list browser in CollateBox
See how you can convert your data list into a list browser and view every record individually.
Managing clean data in CollateBox with auto filters, keyword search and data validation
Learn about filters, keyword search and data validation. Helps you in data collection and organizing your data.

Sharing (The collate of collatebox)

Sharing parts of data with team member in CollateBox
Learn how to share a part of your data list with your team members, friends and others through views.
Adding column restriction in CollateBox
Learn how to restrict access to certain columns in your shared data. Focus is on keeping important information safe from unwanted changes.

Analysis and Tracking

Analyzing data in CollateBox
Learn how to go through data summaries and charts that will help you analyze the data collected in your CollateBox account.
Tracking usage and changes on shared datalist in CollateBox
You can find out who changed what record and when was it changed in your shared data list.


Downloading a view of a datalist in CollateBox
Secure downloading allows only the data owner to download from views. You can download the complete list or just a view.